Anticipat has fully transitioned to new data source for PTAB appeals data

Over the past few years, the USPTO has modernized its data offerings with new websites and APIs. Just recently, the USPTO confirmed completion of a new PTAB site with successfully migrated appeal decisions. Anticipat has now fully transitioned to using this new data source. 

Over the years, many practitioners have become familiar with the old ptab efoia webpage. Its 1990s-style interface and functionality made an indelible impression. In fact, we previously discussed seven key shortcomings of the PTO webpage. But now its life is all but gone.

Several weeks ago, we noticed that new decisions were no longer being published to the beleaguered webpage for appeal decisions ( We also saw reference to a new page on the old webpage (circled in yellow below). 

In response to us reaching out to USPTO personnel, the Office of the General Counsel at the USPTO confirmed that they had completed the migration of this data to their new webpage (

We will continue to provide the same type of curated content for ex parte appeal decisions at the PTAB. Only now with a more modern and robust data source, the potential insights are even greater. Stay tuned for developments!

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